On the matter of pain and love


Love and pain are distinct and independent from each other. Love is love as much as pain is pain. They possess different feelings, cohabit different gestures and they manifest different reasons.

When you love, you do things without reservations. You give everything of what you have –time, happiness, success –the person becomes your inspiration; sometimes that person transgress your very mind and soul. When everything feels wrong it remains the only thing that is right. Fool it may seems but admit it, the memories you have with love make you smile, alone or not. Love will remain the only positive feeling in the world.

Was there pain when you were together with the person who means everything to you? When you were doing the only thing that makes you happy? When you laughed your heart out? Were you hurt? Was there loneliness? Did you feel sad? I would suggest you were not. All those time you are just happy. You are full of love, no pain.

But we are only human. We are not perfect and this is not heaven. You begin to expect from your friends, family, from yourself but they were not, including yourself, able to meet all these expectations. Now you are disappointed and very frustrated. How could all your expectations go to waste? Your friends forget your birthday when you were together all day long. Your father was not able to go to your graduation after all the reminders you sent him. Just like when he told you his going to your basketball match but he did not show up. When you thought he is the one but he thought differently. You become bitter and hatred found your heart. It stayed there, slowly it engulf everything. Hatred crushed your heart. Now, you are in pain. Was there love? When you cried? When no one was there for you? When you were lonely and everything was dark? Again, I would suggest there was none, only frustrations, disappointments, bitterness and sadness. Now you are in pain.

However, I am not blind not to see that it was only after you have loved so much that pain entered your life. It was only after being hurt too much that you have realized it was indeed true love. These two may have different reasons for existence such that they manifest different feelings and reactions but they have come from the same subject and source of life –the person to who love or pain is directed to.

You may love so much that it would be impossible for pain to stay. Yet, it is also very possible that you have felt so much pain that your heart becomes numb and love becomes impossible. You see, people can love while hurting and breaking inside as much as you can be very angry and hurt and in so much pain yet you can still love. Humans are very complicated. We do not want to be hurt. At all times we try to avoid pain. But by doing so would it not be the same as avoiding love and happiness? Is it not the same with if you do not want to be hurt, do not love. How is that even possible? It is just and natural for people to fall in love – to places, things, and people- to almost everything.

Love or pain may be felt without the other. But these two will always be the checklist of the existence and reality of each other.


On the note that students should obey authority

Today, I am trying to finish my homework. It is a case digest assignment. There are nineteen cases to be digested and I am now on number 11. However, this post is not about my homework. This is about obeying authority.

Being at law school is a choice every law student made. It was never something that someone imposed to them. The moment you made the decision that you are going to enter the gate of hell; it is presumptuous to say that you are ready to take all kinds of flares that its flames have -you must have come prepared.

One of those flares is nothing more than obeying the authority of the one who holds such in the premises of academe -the teachers. A student should obey his teacher. This is elementary. When the teacher requires something,the student is expected to comply with it. If such requirement is so much for the student, his first response should be on “what is the purpose of this requirement?” The student should inquire on the very essence and reason why the teacher has given such homework. He should not risk an argument which will hold his virtue without existence.

The authority of the teacher over his students, if not absolute should at all time be uphold. It is not for the student to question nor for a student to curse.

This is very much like the society right now. People do not and will not obey authority. Neither that of heads of the family nor the head of the State and his government. People only want to do what are pleasing to them. Those that are more convenient and easy. And when they are given more -which are very necessary they will complain. We do not want to be bothered by something that should bother us. We hate anything that would require our obedience. And yet, whose choice is it to be under anybody’s authority?

When people cannot obey simple authority, like those of the teacher, what a chaotic world would this be?

The importance of obeying authority lies on the potential of a person to harness respect even when the situation calls for disagreements. Imagine kids becoming adults who have been trained well when to obey and , as I have said, in the purview that teachers may cross the line of the extent of their authorities, when to suggest another academic remedy. Would it not be a well-made society?