The desire to do things right

The desire to do what is right remains a desire when the circumstances do not favor such.

This is what I have today. It is ones pride to have taken a stand to do what is right but when doing so is an option not listed in the choices, people begun to tremble. People starts to worry and then the desire to do what is right fades away like a memory of the yesterdays.

It is very easy to say that we should always do the right thing. That there is no other option than doing what is correct. I submit I do this all the time. Telling myself to always choose what is right and never give in to the idea of what is wrong. Yet, I have not than anything that would merit me rightful. Every now and then, the desire to always do the right thing foregoes. The temptation to fall into darkness carves in.

No, the desire to do what is right relinquishes not because the idea of what is easier than doing what is right presents itself. Temptations are always there. It will showcase itself during the times that you are in time for judgement. It is always between something that is righteous and something that is easier.

Yes, I know many of us desire to do what is right but isn’t that what is right seems to be the most difficult thing to do. A pile of mistakes over lies and pretentions every after such acts you would wish you have done what is truthful and showed what is real. But when given the opportunity to do what is right you begin to tremble and doubt if doing it and freeing yourself from the chain of lies would do you good. We become too afraid to risk the after of what we have longed and desire. We become too afraid to do what is right.

And yes my friend, the plea of a heart that wants to do the right thing vanishes like the mist when the sun rises. We are not strong to hold on to the right thing. The thought of it scares us. What if he will never believe me again? My mother will never trust me the same! If he will know the truth I am doomed. These thoughts will linger to us father than where the boundary ends. It will hunt us enough to let go of the truth and lie instead. Because, cliché may sounds the lie we once created becomes the very reality of our lives.

Doing the right thing vanishes because we let it so. You see, everything is under the category of choosing. Between left and right, pink and blue, hot and cold –wrong or right. It is us who will make the decision. It is not the circumstances that will mandate us to choose one from the other. Nor it is the maker of our fate. It is us who will carve our life in the stones of our journey. We only have to choose. This, of course is easier said than done. So is the thought of making your life better by starting to do what is right than lie to make things right. But we cannot remain to be hypocrites. A lifetime is not judge by how many times you thought of giving up lies and pretensions, life is decided by taking a stand and choosing to take command in your desire to do and make things right.

People lie because they want to protect something but we will never want somebody lying to us just to protect us. White lies will never hurt yet are they not the try-outs for something darker? No matter how one will desire to make things right if he will not act on it the desire will just be a desire.

Would you take a stand?