To the girls who have been told to dress up

Girls, you are expected to dress and to be always presentable. Your lady side should always be manifested. It should not be, in any way, set aside. In all times girls has to be in their best. Not being such is an act the society has labelled as a sin. And yes, I am a sinner. I have been told to act like one. I have always been criticized for not being feminine, for not being just refined.

There are moments that I wish I am more feminine and refine –more Maria Clara. But my system will not allow it.  No, it is more of I did not allow it. Dressing and acting like a lady is something I am not in accordance with. I guess I was made for jeans never for dress; sneakers not heels. People said dress and its stuffs are made for girls and I agree they are correct. So, I tried wearing but it did not feel right. Every time I tried dressing up

it never felt right.

But, life is a bitch and so I am. I may not be the feminine one but I am too, a girl. So, I will be. I paired jeans with stilettos. And dress with sneakers. They said I am breaking the rules.

I said, NO, I am bending it towards my favor.

I will be a knight when I want to and a queen when necessary. Other days, I will be me.

No, I will never dress up for a man. My feminine, soft and gentle side are for children or parents but never for society who tells you to be feminine because that would make you a damsel in distress or a princess, one that would make a prince charming run to your rescue. No, I refuse to. My jeans and stilettos are my beings. Dress and sneakers are my soul. I may not have the stand and the grace of a beauty queen but I’m a girl. And no, you do not tell me to be feminine because I already am, only when nature calls for it.