This adventure is what you perfectly call huling-hirit as the first class of the semester begins the next day. Just like any other student, I too would want to make one more blast before entering the campus. So, what we had was memory banking with the sea and the falls.

Originally, it was only a get-away to the magnificent and alluring Badian white sand beach but luck was quite late because the sea was not in a high tide, it was around 10:00 in the morning when we arrived, the same time when I first met this paradise well I guess luck comes once. Since another fantastic place was waiting to be visited around the area we decided to have that 10-minute ride going there.

And so we have met Kawasan Falls. See that deep-blue enthralling water. And mind you, the first dip of my toe sends shivers to my whole body. It was very cold that it took all the hotness my mind possessed.


The falls is actually not that huge that it would engulf you any minute yet it is enough to send wonders to your being. With the hotness of Metro Cebu I know I will be looking for this. Bet not all coldness are negative. Kawasan falls, I’ll be back!

IMG_20151103_124939After those freezing moments we head back to where we should have been this beach!




That white sand, blue waters and the sea-breeze are love triangle that could go one for life! And this beautiful place, as I would want to believe is still unspoiled. I mean the place is perfect for a get-away where no too many people had yet crowded. It is like taking a vacation in your own beach paradise!

One tip though, morning high tides are the best of this beach. Next time it is going to be sunset meets sunrise.