she Is home

“When I don’t know what to do because I am so stressed out and I could no longer think properly and no one was around, you were there.”  –Queenie Chariz

He was standing firm just like the first time she laid eyes on him. A man, she thought. Her type, of course! But no, she has her own goals. That was a wild dream. He was a dream. But fate will always be fate. And it has its own rules too!

He was holding him closely. “I’m fine” she whispered, “you’re here, I’ll be well”. He touched her hands they were trembling so he held it tighter. Assurance. He never failed.
He has become her reality. She remembers the very first time he looked at her. She caught him but she ignored it. So fate made its way. She looked back. He smiled. She did the same.

It was him all along, she thought.

She got plans, aims not meant to be detoured. She was skeptical. She was afraid he will give up. She was afraid of breaking her heart. But it was him who made her try better and do more. It has him who made her dream bigger. And when she could no longer understand it was him who held her hand and told her,

“We will do it together.”

He was the one who made her realized that love is choosing to be happy regardless of any circumstances. That love knows how to wait and it waits patiently. That love is not limited to be confined in the rules of one but not of the other. It was him who made her believe that love is magic not a trick. It is incapable of being explained and it needs no enlightenment. It only has to happen once for the person to have faith.
This time she made a deal, it was all in. She had everything she got placed in a plate ready to be taken in. No more hesitation. She was prepared to fall in to the arms of the only man she will call home.

“I came here alone, away from home then I met her . . . suddenly there was home.” –Emil Jay

He looked straight to her eyes, she was home.
He stood firmly like a soldier on duty not because people were expecting him to be nor he was trying to impress any lady. He was still because her queen was standing beside him with her arms around his shoulder as she leaned on him. But, unlike any soldier his eyes were fixed not towards the lateral but to his queen searching for her eyes, observing her every move afraid if she was well. He looked at her, mesmerize with the beauty of the woman who captured his heart. The only woman who turned his fantasies into reality.

He remembered well, it was him who laid eyes first but it was fate that made her looked at him. She was strong, too strong but his desires were stronger. He was drawn to her like never been to another.

She made him realized that love is not about food but rather it was how it was cooked. That love is not all the time a one-hour conversation, sometimes simple HI’s and hello’s are enough because he understood that life is not the same as his ideals. That when the stroke of fate played he became very willing to give up all those should be or ought to be just to have her as his reality.

He wrapped his arms around her body. This time he was the one who leaned towards her. Her warmth, her smell, her smile all those things gave him so much comfort and warm. He is not letting her go, never.

Then she noticed. She caught him looking at her. So, she touched his face and whispered

“I love you.”