intentionally stayed a teacher

I become a teacher by accident. It was never my intention to be one, at least not yet. It was my childhood dream though and I promise to die as one. But that time, I had plans, goals to make. Becoming a teacher was not one of them. Well, fate plays its own game and  it has rules on its own. Now, I am a teacher.

Teaching in a university is not easy especially when you never had any teaching unit. Imposing authority to your students is more of a tug of war than playing role play. How would it sounds if I say that my students are far more older than me, their teacher. As I look back, its been two years  since I started, thank God, the game of respect the teacher because she is the teacher is still a good ball. I never thought I will get this far. Now I am thinking how did I manage to make my way far older students obey my yes and no.

The first class I had was Geography. One month later, it was taken away from me and given to another because I have to handle another class. That was my first heartbreak. Why would they give me something they will just take back in the end. But I was able to let go. I have moved one. I still remember them.

My class in Life and Works of Rizal started as a make-up session. A group of students were very busy perfecting  there eyebrows and eye shadows. I walked in, they did not notice. Until one of them bravely asked “Is her eyebrows good?” while pointing her classmate. I said yes. Never it occurred to them I was their instructor. They were pretty shocked, of course, I was not. I believe that was expected.

I got a class of 62 students. How did I manage to make sure they will never fall asleep. Or get bored, no, it was more of how to make sure they are still listening. Authority over 62 students is not easy. I think God has provided me grace of dominion because I only have to asked them once to get their attention. Thank you Lord.

My class starts 8:00 in the morning, I am struggle fighting gravity every time a meeting is set in 10:00 in the morning. But what will I do when your students send a message telling they are waiting for you.

When I was a student I sleep during classes. Now my students are doing the same. So, this is how my teachers have felt. Ma’am, Sir I am sorry. One time I asked why he was sleepy, he told me he was working night shift in a fast food chain. I discovered I had a lot of working students. I only asked them one thing, never give up education. Now, the semester is about to end. My friends and I decided to have dinner in a fast food. After the cashier took our order he said, “Hi ma’am, I am your student. And no, I am not giving up school.” It made me proud, not because I am his teacher but because he is my student and he is not giving up.

“Ma’am, may I go home, my father died.” She broke down on my shoulders. I was a good in comforting people, at least my friends say so, but I never comforted any student, my student, before. I had no words, I only had my arms extended to her.

“Class, sometimes the only thing we want the most, is the one thing we would never have.” My students agreed. One of them cried. He just broke up with his girlfriend the other night. “If it was your father in the situation, would you let him go, when he already said so?”, I asked. My student cried, she lost her father to cancer a week before. A boy in the corner never said anything. The following morning he told me, he never had one.

“Hi ma’am! I am graduating next week. Thank you.” No, kids, thank you.

These are just few of the stories I have heard from my students. Things I will never know if I never accidentally became a teacher.