Because it is peculiar

Love is so peculiar. It is the strangest thing one could ever have, knowingly or unknowingly. Its relativity transgresses every theory and law science has ever given. Love is defined as an involuntary act or feeling of care and appreciation towards others. Yet, people say love can be learned, would it not be voluntary, an act chosen by a person. Love makes a man merry and drives him mad, at the same time.

Love to me is giving away what I have, including pride if it means happiness of the person in the other side. But love for her is never letting go, because holding on is the only thing that she can do. Love to him is fighting every chance even if it means losing her at the end; insisting that it should be him because he loves her more than enough. While others say love is seeing you happy even if it means being apart from me. Love is giving everything without consideration. Love is choosing to trust even if it was broken a hundredfold. Love to me is not love to him. How could love be love the same for me but so strangely different for you?

Love is so absurd. It is silly in all times. Love makes you fight but when she cries, it makes you admit repentance. Love gives courage so much, it could win a war. Yet the same love makes a commander of glory and pride toss the white flag. And remember that it was love that made Caesar lower his scepter.  One would take a beating from anyone just to protect the smile of the person dearest to him. If the bargain is her happiness would you not care shredding your own life?

Love makes people happy and blissful and also sad and mad. Love creates emotions innate and personal to one another. It does not recapitulate. It is not the same to everyone but its utterance is clear to mankind; one will know if the heart has loved; it is a language spoken transcending universe, as if the Babylonian’s Tower was never created.

Love would make you give everything you have –your heart, mind and soul; your time, your life. Not because love said so but because you would gladly do so. It would take away every piece of you, from the early good morning to late night smiley.  Love would one way frustrate, discourage and in times it would enraged you. And when it walks away all that is left is nothing more than a machine, who wakes up because the eyes open, eats because the stomach needs something to digest, speaks because someone ask. When love leaves, you exist but do not live.

Love took with her the fragments of your very being those pieces that once made you whole. You are left, void of your existence and had lost purpose. Each day you ask have you been enough, enough to make love stay. And every day you are slap with reality that the love that once made you bliss is causing you tears. The world has known of your being but no compliment would suffice the longing of a heart. You have crumbled and found yourself picking up the pieces of what is left of you.

But love is unexpected. It came whooshing, like a ball passed three seconds before game over. But love was unknown to you. It was not a shade of grey nor light blue.  You did not even recognized love when a five year old boy stumbled throwing his ice cream to you and girl came running behind him saying, “I’m sorry my nephew did not mean it.” Of course, how would you know when the core of your being was shut down? When the very piece that holds true to reality was taken and you have turned to a mess. Of course you would not recognized love, not yet, because after all,

love is love and it is so peculiar.



On the matter of pain and love


Love and pain are distinct and independent from each other. Love is love as much as pain is pain. They possess different feelings, cohabit different gestures and they manifest different reasons.

When you love, you do things without reservations. You give everything of what you have –time, happiness, success –the person becomes your inspiration; sometimes that person transgress your very mind and soul. When everything feels wrong it remains the only thing that is right. Fool it may seems but admit it, the memories you have with love make you smile, alone or not. Love will remain the only positive feeling in the world.

Was there pain when you were together with the person who means everything to you? When you were doing the only thing that makes you happy? When you laughed your heart out? Were you hurt? Was there loneliness? Did you feel sad? I would suggest you were not. All those time you are just happy. You are full of love, no pain.

But we are only human. We are not perfect and this is not heaven. You begin to expect from your friends, family, from yourself but they were not, including yourself, able to meet all these expectations. Now you are disappointed and very frustrated. How could all your expectations go to waste? Your friends forget your birthday when you were together all day long. Your father was not able to go to your graduation after all the reminders you sent him. Just like when he told you his going to your basketball match but he did not show up. When you thought he is the one but he thought differently. You become bitter and hatred found your heart. It stayed there, slowly it engulf everything. Hatred crushed your heart. Now, you are in pain. Was there love? When you cried? When no one was there for you? When you were lonely and everything was dark? Again, I would suggest there was none, only frustrations, disappointments, bitterness and sadness. Now you are in pain.

However, I am not blind not to see that it was only after you have loved so much that pain entered your life. It was only after being hurt too much that you have realized it was indeed true love. These two may have different reasons for existence such that they manifest different feelings and reactions but they have come from the same subject and source of life –the person to who love or pain is directed to.

You may love so much that it would be impossible for pain to stay. Yet, it is also very possible that you have felt so much pain that your heart becomes numb and love becomes impossible. You see, people can love while hurting and breaking inside as much as you can be very angry and hurt and in so much pain yet you can still love. Humans are very complicated. We do not want to be hurt. At all times we try to avoid pain. But by doing so would it not be the same as avoiding love and happiness? Is it not the same with if you do not want to be hurt, do not love. How is that even possible? It is just and natural for people to fall in love – to places, things, and people- to almost everything.

Love or pain may be felt without the other. But these two will always be the checklist of the existence and reality of each other.